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Sunday, June 23, 2013

AT&T Ineternet Serivce

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The reason for all the comments about the extremely poor services on AT&T DSL is due to the fact, America can do better.  That is right folks, we are not the greatest country in the world because we do not stand up for what is right anymore. 

AT&T will continue to dish out horrible services because there are not enough to stand against it.  If we want changes in our lives, we cannot count on our federal government alone to do what needs to be done.  Let’s face it; things will go back in life without any explanation and servitude.  That too is an issue we must live by—sucking it up and keep going onward.

When we—the customers—make a complaint, it is not the responsibility of AT&T to tell us we are wrong by saying nothing is wrong.  I understand that many are not computer literate, and they do not know the ins and outs of how things work.  When customers no matter how intelligent or lack thereof spends their free time to report a bug or whatever issues may be going on, it is the responsibility of the technical support to give the full support and help—after all they are called “technical support personnel.” 

Spite my eight years at a technical school in the computer field, I do not know everything.  When I state what I do know to these “technical support personnel,” I do so in order to give them the full information I know how regarding the issues at hand.  It is not designed to criticize or any negativity whatsoever.  Just the same, they are rude and non-supportive with their attitudes each and every time I make some form of contact with AT&T technical support team.

Years ago, in the North Georgia area (Atlanta, Georgia and upwards), the FCC had to intervene due to how horrible their services were.  Regarding the issues I have been posting on Google+ and Facebook (DSL MODEM (modulator-demodulator) restarts itself and random times) I believe is an follow up issue regarding these past years when the FCC had to get involved.  Since I am not a technician, I have no smoking gun to prove this, but my trouble shooting skills cannot dismiss the possibilities either.

As a customer of AT&T DSL 6.0Mbps down & 512kbps up (speed is known to be a steady ~5.7Mpbs down & ~430kbps up.  I realize that the speeds will very), I only expect to get the service render/service gain relationship with the one I am paying money to in order to go online at the location (where there is no cable at all) I live.  That is the America I was raised up in since November 22, 1966, and I expect both parties (including myself) to work to the fullest regarding the services I pay for every month.  Trust me!—If I could go to another service in my area, I would, but regarding they will be using the same lines (phone lines) will switching to another DSL service do any better?

Another words, I am an American in hostage to horrible services.  I have to pay more and more money for something that has not been truly fixed since the FCC had to get involved, and as long as customers like me do not get off their asses and fight for this injustice, AT&T will continue to do the same ole thing.  I have done my part on social networking services and this blog post.  I do not know what more I can do. 

Either Americans are going to fight or they are going to lose their own freedoms, and it will continually dwindles down to nothing.  The “no party” that is the Republican Party seems not to care either.  Either we are going to fight and turn this country back to a great county as it once was, or we are going to allow these fat cat corporations to take more and more of our Constitutional Rights away from us.  This is your voice America; it is up to you want you do next.

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